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Internal Discussion #3: LunarFate EX In The Works?!!

Posted by [email protected] on March 5, 2018 at 10:25 AM

+: I'm planning on making "probably" the final chapter of the LunarFate saga called "The Scarred Stars". I moved the first draft's development from June to end of April of this year. So what did you think of my move?

-: I think you should have started on it right now.

+: There's just too many things I had to take care of in March. I had no other choice but to do it this April. Other than that, I had planned on making "LunarFate EX: The New Era"; featuring Utan and his allies' new battle with the Zakura clones re-made by Geoffrey Moreau. He's unaware that he's trying to awaken The Dark Six.

-: Will Geoffrey be featured in Crimson-X-Steel?

+: Only as a teenager, like Michaelis and Nicholas Rosso. Geoffrey going to be the same age as the Rosso brothers.

-: What about the other Type-MOON characters that are going to be in LunarFate EX? Any significant characters?

+: Other than the core characters (aka the holders of Utan's Soul Gems) like Rin, Azaka, Miyako, Ciel, Sakura and especially Satsuki, it's still a work in progress. I have no idea what the setting will take place; I guess I'll have it set to 20 years after the defeat of Omega-3. Akiha, Shiki Tohno and Ryougi Shiki are dead; Arcueid's still asleep; Utan and Satsuki are husband and wife to three beautiful children; Hisui and Kohaku are now Utan's maids and Utan's the new guardian of Misaki Town. If I were to make that story, thousands of Type-MOON fans aren't going to like it.

-: Why would you say that?

+: Because of what happens to Akiha, the Shikis and Utan's new role as Misaki's guardian. Utan had to kill Shiki Tohno because he was losing control over his mystic eyes; Ryougi Shiki died in solitude - it's amazing what heroin can do to even the mightest warriors; Akiha died naturally - her Vermillion powers died out on her, but Utan was able to hold a requiem for her soul with his Vermillion katana. Utan's children, Ukari, Uto and Ukon have some of his powers. Ukari's a much polished fighter than her siblings and she is Utan and Satsuki's first child; Ukon can fight but Uto's a magician - he can use Utan's magic powers and healing abilities better than Ukari and Ukon. Uto and Ukon are twins.

-: Have you thought about making this story?

+: Not really, but it's pending on how many people are going to like "The Scarred Stars". In my opinion, I think I should make "The Scarred Stars" the final chapter of the LunarFate Saga. I have many promises to extend my LunarFate Saga deeper into the future, but I'm not Gene Roddenberry. I'm doing way too much for these fanfics; it's almost like I'm Gene Roddenberry.

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