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Internal Discussion #2: Utan's Power Gauntlet is "DIFFERENT" than Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet

Posted by [email protected] on February 26, 2018 at 10:00 AM

-: I have some questions to ask of you about Utan's Power Gauntlet. Is that thing similar to Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet?

+: Not even close. Utan's Power Gauntlet maybe similar to Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet, but it isn't.

-: Why isn't it?

+: You know why; making Utan's Power Gauntlet similar to Thanos's Gauntlet would make him a Type-MOON superpower with the Akitsuki, Primate Murder, ORT, Zelerecht and the Dark Six. I had to "water-down" Utan's Power Gauntlet so that the natural balance of Type-Moon won't be disrupted.

-: What did you do to it? Was the change a bit too drastic?

+: I had to make the soul gems of Utan an attribute stealer for him. For example:

Gems (Color/Part of Hand/Primary Holders/Auxillary Currents)

Reality (Red/Middle Finger and Backhand) grants him super-endurance over time

Primary Holder: Utan and Arcueid

Auxiliary Currents: Touko, Luvia, Satsuki, Maiya, Haruki, Fujino, The Lens, The Enhada Sisters (Kilitia/Samari) and The Einzberns (Illya/Iris/Leysritt/Sella)

Power (Green/Backhand) grants him power and strength

Primary Holder: Saber

Auxiliary Currents: Miyako, Ryutoma and Masako Tomori (The Firefox - LFZero)

Time (Blue/Ring Finger) grants him the time length of the status effects on some of his magic attacks

Primary Holder: Ciel

Auxiliary Currents: Ivan and Michaelis

Mind (Blue-Green/Thumb) grants him the ability to use magic and withstand magic attacks

Primary Holder: Rin

Auxiliary Currents: Aoko

Space (Teal/Pinkie Finger) grants him the ability to save magic learned over time

Primary Holder: Akiha and Rin

Auxiliary Currents: Hisui, Azaka and Juri Haran

Soul (Purple/Index Finger) grants him healing abilities to use for himself or for others

Primary Holder: Rider

Auxiliary Currents: Sion and Sakura

-: That's all? Why am I not surprised?

+: I already made the Power Gauntlet at least a "watered-down" version of the Infinity Gauntlet. Utan is at least powerful than Dark Sakura but weaker than Arcueid; no need to make Utan powerful than he already is. There are limits as to how far I can push the envelope on Utan's real power. If I wanted to, I could make another Primate Murderer to support Arcueid rather than Altrouge. Its name will be Primate Savior; that'll make Mr. Nasu cringe a little.

-: I hope so. This move will make or break you into a billion pieces - if this becomes a movie.

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