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Internal Discussion #1 (Demon Hunterz: A Huge Investment For Me But A Red Flag For Feminism)

Posted by [email protected] on February 7, 2018 at 10:25 AM

+: So, what do you think about the first two seasons of the "Demon Hunterz" saga?

-: It's alright. I really think you need to do at least two more seasons instead of two OVAs. Save that when you complete the true series. I really think you have something going in your saga. Other than your "LunarFate" saga, I think you're establishing something in your "Demon Hunterz" saga.

+: I am?

-: Yes, I really believe you can make this saga into something great.

+: Well, I have been thinking about making Seasons 3 and 4; I'm not so sure if I'll have the time and the money to expand this series. I may have to give up a lot to make this into a TV series.

-: Well, if that's necessary, go ahead.

+: Yeah, but there's a lingering issue of this saga. How is it going to fare against Feminism? We have a ton of actresses making a movement called #MeToo and derailing a ton of actors with these sexual harrassment, sexual abuse and sexual misconduct charges. I really don't want to pick sides on who to believe. I support Feminism, not extreme Feminism.

-: Then don't support extreme Feminism. I'm quite positive it'll be good for you to make these stories - regardless of extreme Feminism.

+: I was planning to make "The Women v. Eddie Richland"; but due to the #MeToo movement, I may have to cancel that story. That story was going to be demoralizing to that movement. It's amazing how women are; I'm scared of them but sometimes I have to stand my ground against my beliefs - I do but don't care if they are a man or a woman.

-: Just stick to your beliefs; that's all you have at the moment. Just try to make Season 3 and 4 of the "Demon Hunterz" saga next year.

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