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The main reason why my "LunarFate" saga isn't going to be a motion picture (or an animated feature)

Posted by [email protected] on January 30, 2018 at 9:15 AM

- Released in May 23, 2012

- Re-edited in March 25, 2020


1. Location


Hawaii (Oah'u) and Japan (Tokyo/Sendai/Shinjuku) Major Tsunami Attacks


2. Cost: It's estimated 10 to 30 million at the box office; I'm unsure how much it's going to cost in making the movie.


3. Casting and Crew Members for the Movie


4. Who going to do the film distrubution? Warner Brothers, Universal or Someone Else?


Warner Brothers = Maybe

New Line = Maybe

Sony = Maybe (Aniplex)

MGM = Maybe (Co-op with WB/New Line or Columbia)

Paramount = Maybe

LionsGate = Maybe

Universal = Geneon (aka NBC-Universal Japan)

Summit = Fuck No!! (Twilight)

Fox = Maybe

Disney = Hell No!!


5. MPAA Rating: [PG-13] or R


6. Popularity Contest


< Twilight

< The Hunger Games

< Harry Potter

< Type-Moon's Original Stories


7. Director(s) - Yet to be determined (I may be the Director.)


8. Live Action, Animation or 3D


9. Fund-Raising / Permission from Mr. Nasu on some of the characters


10. Mr. Nasu?

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