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Internal Discussion #6: Upcoming Movie and Television Ideas after "LunarFate" and "Demon Hunterz"

Posted by [email protected] on April 18, 2018 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

-: I have some questions I'd like to ask you. It's about your ideas after you finish the LunarFate sagas and the entire season of Demon Hunterz.

+: What is it? Are you asking me about my ideas I've got stored after I eventually complete these stories? It should be obvious. I'm already getting a head start on "The Outcasts" outline (aka The Lost Raiders); the outlook is still a work in progress.

-: What is that story about?

+: It's a high school story about a student stumbling on some alien lifeforms during summer break. The main character is Christopher Houston, a senior at a private high school in Seattle, Washington who lost his mother when he was a teenager when she was involved in a car crash that killed her but somehow he was able to survive. Thankfully, he sees two alien lifeforms; one was a shape-shifting serpent and the other one was a shape-shifting lizard. The serpent chose Christopher and the lizard chose Christine. Now they will be combatting officers from Clay Westerfield's meta-human lab who want to make these superhumans to help Russia conquer the United States of America. I just have a feeling that this story will be too intense.

-: Who's Christine?

+: Christine Heyward is Christian Gordon and Christopher Houston's friend. She is emotionally reserved and has a bitter rivalry between Miriam Henderson. Christopher likes Miriam Henderson but his sister, Chrisette Houston, doesn't like her. She's only a sophmore in Christopher's school.

-: Why is Miriam hated?

+: Miriam's a future prospect for an FBI agent and she's already getting multiple scholarships from Stanford, USC, California, Washington State and Harvard. She's the smartest senior and Christine is 2nd behind her.

-: How smart is Miriam?

+: She has an IQ of 200. Christine has an IQ of 141. Christian has an IQ of 111. Christopher has an IQ of 101. Chrisette has an IQ of 124.

-: Why does your character have an average IQ?

+: I think it wouldn't be fair for this story that my character had to be as smart as them; I think that car crash Christopher had caused his IQ to be lowered down. I'll leave it at that.

-: What other stories will you be working on after "The Outcasts"?

+: I don't know. Just take a look at my WIP page and figure that out.

Internal Discussion #5: Will The 2020s Be My Decade?

Posted by [email protected] on April 3, 2018 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (0)

I had a lot to think about over the years about my future. It's a toss-up beween being a big name in gaming or being a big name in Hollywood. It feels like I'm doing a fair job when it comes to making stories, but gaming - I'm just a semi-pro. Hopefully, I can make the most of my gaming career while I'm still young. My upcoming anime TV series, like "Demon Hunterz" and "The Outcasts", will be the best American-made Anime series ever. My upcoming movies, like "The Tungsten Report Saga" and "Orson and Wales: Bounty Hunters, will be good. I'm not so sure about the "LunarFate" saga; I'll guess I'll leave that as a fanfic. Other than that, I like my chances in the entertainment business; I'm not so sure about Hollywood.

Internal Discussion #4: Another Discussion About The "Lunar Fate" Saga (The Supporting Characters On My Side Of The Story)

Posted by [email protected] on March 19, 2018 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (0)

-: I have a quick question I would like to ask you about the "supporting" characters of your LunarFate saga. Which characters, other than Utan, do you think is the most popular?

+: It's a toss up between Komane Uzuki, Kilitia Enhada and Maiya Uzuki.

-: Why is there a three-way tie between them?

+: As far as character development is concerned, Komane's a real spunky and feisty young woman; Kilitia's a demi-goddess and Maiya Uzuki is a real piece of work. Just try to think of Maiya Uzuki as a kind-hearted, fully grown Akiha with boobs. It seems like I've been working really hard with Komane's character development with Utan a hell of a lot harder than Kilitia and Maiya Uzuki. I even made those characters on SoulCalibur V and posted them on the internet; those people kind of liked it.

-: Why didn't they like it as much as you expected them to?

+: I have no idea. I felt like they needed to have more downloadable content for that game. Other than that, I felt like other people liked Kilitia Enhada more than Komane and Maiya Uzuki.

-: Why?

+: There's a new trend going on in Japanese animation. Have you heard of it? Japan likes those blonde bombers with the "EXTRA LARGE" titties. Too bad Kilitia and Arcueid doesn't fit in the same equation for these anime tropes. I have to admit, I've really done a good job of making this character; she's slightly robust and has a well-rounded figure. Her height is 5'7; her weight is 132 lbs; her BWH sizes are 90-58-87. Maiya's an inch taller than her at 5'8; her weight is 114 lbs; her BWH sizes are 88-55-84. Komane's height is 5'5; her weight is 104 lbs; her BWH sizes are 84-56-86.

-: Really? Unfortunately for you, I kind of like how you were able to make Komane a likable character - despite the fact you have been studying really hard on making women into your image. What inspired you to making Komane Uzuki?

+: A multitude of fighting games - KOF, Tekken, Touhou and Melty Blood. That's how I based a majority of my characters off of. The artist that I actually liked was Shinkiro (aka Mr. SNK); that's how I based a majority of my drawing styles off of because of him - it's really invigorating to see him draw characters with human features. Too bad my drawings suck.

-: You can still work on them.

+: I can but I got enough on my mind on finishing off the LunarFate saga. The Demon Hunterz saga's going to be my cash crop.

Internal Discussion #3: LunarFate EX In The Works?!!

Posted by [email protected] on March 5, 2018 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

+: I'm planning on making "probably" the final chapter of the LunarFate saga called "The Scarred Stars". I moved the first draft's development from June to end of April of this year. So what did you think of my move?

-: I think you should have started on it right now.

+: There's just too many things I had to take care of in March. I had no other choice but to do it this April. Other than that, I had planned on making "LunarFate EX: The New Era"; featuring Utan and his allies' new battle with the Zakura clones re-made by Geoffrey Moreau. He's unaware that he's trying to awaken The Dark Six.

-: Will Geoffrey be featured in Crimson-X-Steel?

+: Only as a teenager, like Michaelis and Nicholas Rosso. Geoffrey going to be the same age as the Rosso brothers.

-: What about the other Type-MOON characters that are going to be in LunarFate EX? Any significant characters?

+: Other than the core characters (aka the holders of Utan's Soul Gems) like Rin, Azaka, Miyako, Ciel, Sakura and especially Satsuki, it's still a work in progress. I have no idea what the setting will take place; I guess I'll have it set to 20 years after the defeat of Omega-3. Akiha, Shiki Tohno and Ryougi Shiki are dead; Arcueid's still asleep; Utan and Satsuki are husband and wife to three beautiful children; Hisui and Kohaku are now Utan's maids and Utan's the new guardian of Misaki Town. If I were to make that story, thousands of Type-MOON fans aren't going to like it.

-: Why would you say that?

+: Because of what happens to Akiha, the Shikis and Utan's new role as Misaki's guardian. Utan had to kill Shiki Tohno because he was losing control over his mystic eyes; Ryougi Shiki died in solitude - it's amazing what heroin can do to even the mightest warriors; Akiha died naturally - her Vermillion powers died out on her, but Utan was able to hold a requiem for her soul with his Vermillion katana. Utan's children, Ukari, Uto and Ukon have some of his powers. Ukari's a much polished fighter than her siblings and she is Utan and Satsuki's first child; Ukon can fight but Uto's a magician - he can use Utan's magic powers and healing abilities better than Ukari and Ukon. Uto and Ukon are twins.

-: Have you thought about making this story?

+: Not really, but it's pending on how many people are going to like "The Scarred Stars". In my opinion, I think I should make "The Scarred Stars" the final chapter of the LunarFate Saga. I have many promises to extend my LunarFate Saga deeper into the future, but I'm not Gene Roddenberry. I'm doing way too much for these fanfics; it's almost like I'm Gene Roddenberry.

Internal Discussion #2: Utan's Power Gauntlet is "DIFFERENT" than Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet

Posted by [email protected] on February 26, 2018 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (0)

-: I have some questions to ask of you about Utan's Power Gauntlet. Is that thing similar to Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet?

+: Not even close. Utan's Power Gauntlet maybe similar to Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet, but it isn't.

-: Why isn't it?

+: You know why; making Utan's Power Gauntlet similar to Thanos's Gauntlet would make him a Type-MOON superpower with the Akitsuki, Primate Murder, ORT, Zelerecht and the Dark Six. I had to "water-down" Utan's Power Gauntlet so that the natural balance of Type-Moon won't be disrupted.

-: What did you do to it? Was the change a bit too drastic?

+: I had to make the soul gems of Utan an attribute stealer for him. For example:

Gems (Color/Part of Hand/Primary Holders/Auxillary Currents)

Reality (Red/Middle Finger and Backhand) grants him super-endurance over time

Primary Holder: Utan and Arcueid

Auxiliary Currents: Touko, Luvia, Satsuki, Maiya, Haruki, Fujino, The Lens, The Enhada Sisters (Kilitia/Samari) and The Einzberns (Illya/Iris/Leysritt/Sella)

Power (Green/Backhand) grants him power and strength

Primary Holder: Saber

Auxiliary Currents: Miyako, Ryutoma and Masako Tomori (The Firefox - LFZero)

Time (Blue/Ring Finger) grants him the time length of the status effects on some of his magic attacks

Primary Holder: Ciel

Auxiliary Currents: Ivan and Michaelis

Mind (Blue-Green/Thumb) grants him the ability to use magic and withstand magic attacks

Primary Holder: Rin

Auxiliary Currents: Aoko

Space (Teal/Pinkie Finger) grants him the ability to save magic learned over time

Primary Holder: Akiha and Rin

Auxiliary Currents: Hisui, Azaka and Juri Haran

Soul (Purple/Index Finger) grants him healing abilities to use for himself or for others

Primary Holder: Rider

Auxiliary Currents: Sion and Sakura

-: That's all? Why am I not surprised?

+: I already made the Power Gauntlet at least a "watered-down" version of the Infinity Gauntlet. Utan is at least powerful than Dark Sakura but weaker than Arcueid; no need to make Utan powerful than he already is. There are limits as to how far I can push the envelope on Utan's real power. If I wanted to, I could make another Primate Murderer to support Arcueid rather than Altrouge. Its name will be Primate Savior; that'll make Mr. Nasu cringe a little.

-: I hope so. This move will make or break you into a billion pieces - if this becomes a movie.

A Poem About Sakura (An Excerpt from LunarFate: The World's Wrath)

Posted by [email protected] on February 20, 2018 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Sakura, 7 wonders of the world.

Whose blood that is as pure as the oceans of the world.

Its serenity, those who are envied by its beauty, those that are succumbed by greed and vanity to take it as one of their own, and others that will risk their lives to protect and preserve it for many years to come.

Yet all the other planets in the universe are in awe that we were able to create a perfect being.

All the people in this world wish have that serenity and beauty for themselves.

Not this one, there isn’t any living thing that could pale to comparison - - - there can only be one.

Internal Discussion #1 (Demon Hunterz: A Huge Investment For Me But A Red Flag For Feminism)

Posted by [email protected] on February 7, 2018 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

+: So, what do you think about the first two seasons of the "Demon Hunterz" saga?

-: It's alright. I really think you need to do at least two more seasons instead of two OVAs. Save that when you complete the true series. I really think you have something going in your saga. Other than your "LunarFate" saga, I think you're establishing something in your "Demon Hunterz" saga.

+: I am?

-: Yes, I really believe you can make this saga into something great.

+: Well, I have been thinking about making Seasons 3 and 4; I'm not so sure if I'll have the time and the money to expand this series. I may have to give up a lot to make this into a TV series.

-: Well, if that's necessary, go ahead.

+: Yeah, but there's a lingering issue of this saga. How is it going to fare against Feminism? We have a ton of actresses making a movement called #MeToo and derailing a ton of actors with these sexual harrassment, sexual abuse and sexual misconduct charges. I really don't want to pick sides on who to believe. I support Feminism, not extreme Feminism.

-: Then don't support extreme Feminism. I'm quite positive it'll be good for you to make these stories - regardless of extreme Feminism.

+: I was planning to make "The Women v. Eddie Richland"; but due to the #MeToo movement, I may have to cancel that story. That story was going to be demoralizing to that movement. It's amazing how women are; I'm scared of them but sometimes I have to stand my ground against my beliefs - I do but don't care if they are a man or a woman.

-: Just stick to your beliefs; that's all you have at the moment. Just try to make Season 3 and 4 of the "Demon Hunterz" saga next year.

The main reason why my "LunarFate" saga isn't going to be a motion picture (or an animated feature)

Posted by [email protected] on January 30, 2018 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)

- Released in May 23, 2012

- Re-edited in September 22, 2017

1. Location

Hawaii (Oah'u) and Japan (Tokyo/Sendai/Shinjuku) Major Tsunami Attacks

2. Cost: It's estimated 10 to 30 million at the box office; I'm unsure how much it's going to cost in making the movie.

3. Casting and Crew Members for the Movie

4. Who going to do the film distrubution? Warner Brothers, Universal or Someone Else?

Warner Brothers = Maybe

New Line = Maybe

MGM = Maybe (Co-op with WB)

Paramount = Maybe

LionsGate = Maybe

Universal = Geneon (aka NBC-Universal Japan)

Summit = Fuck No!! (Twilight)

Fox = Maybe

Disney = Hell No!!

5. MPAA Rating: [PG-13] or R

6. Popularity Contest

< Twilight

< The Hunger Games

< Harry Potter

< Type-Moon's Original Stories

7. Director(s) - Yet to be determined (I may be the Director.)

8. Live Action, Animation or 3D

9. Fund-Raising / Permission from Mr. Nasu on some of the characters

10. Mr. Nasu?